Policies and the People in East India Company

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Which group of people lost their power since the mid-eighteenth century?

Nawabs and rajas

What action did many ruling families take to protect their interests from the East India Company?


What did Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi want the Company to recognize after her husband's death?

Her adopted son as the heir

What was one way in which the authority of nawabs and rajas was reduced?

Stations of residents in their courts

How did many ruling families react to losing their authority and honour?

They tried to negotiate with the Company

How did the presence of residents in many courts impact the authority of nawabs and rajas?

It reduced their freedom and authority, leading to erosion of power.

What measures did ruling families take in negotiations with the East India Company to safeguard their interests?

Many ruling families tried to negotiate with the Company.

How did the armed forces of nawabs and rajas contribute to their loss of power?

Their armed forces were disbanded.

In what way did the Company gradually take away the revenues and territories of ruling families?

By stages.

What was Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi's request to the East India Company after her husband's death?

To recognize her adopted son as the heir to the kingdom.

Explore the impact of East India Company policies on various groups like kings, queens, peasants, landlords, tribals, and soldiers. Learn about how different individuals resisted policies that went against their interests. Understand the gradual erosion of power of nawabs and rajas since the mid-eighteenth century.

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