Police Station Incident

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What did Mohan notice one morning next to his field?

Raghu had shifted the bund by a few feet.

What did Raghu refuse to accept during the argument with Mohan?

He refused to accept that he had moved the bund.

How did Raghu and his helper react when confronted by Mohan?

They began shouting at Mohan and beating him up.

What did the neighbours do when they heard Mohan being beaten up?

They rushed to the spot and took Mohan away.

What action did Mohan's friend, who ran the village post-office, suggest they take after the incident?

To go to the local police station and file a report.

Provide an example of a sentence in future tense.

Example: They will run the marathon next week.

Explain when semi-colons are used in punctuation.

Semi-colons are used to separate two independent clauses in a sentence when the connection between them requires more than a simple comma.

Define the purpose of exclamation marks in writing.

Exclamation marks are used to emphasize strong feelings or to show excitement.

What is the function of periods in writing?

Periods are used at the end of sentences to indicate a complete thought.

Explain how commas are used in writing.

Commas are used to separate items in a list and to separate independent clauses in a sentence.

Explain the concept of subject-verb agreement in English grammar.

Subject-verb agreement in English grammar requires the subject of a sentence to agree in number and person with the verb.

Give an example of a sentence with correct subject-verb agreement.

She runs in the park every morning.

What are the three basic verb tenses in English?

The three basic verb tenses in English are present, past, and future.

Provide an example of a sentence in the past tense.

They went to the beach last summer.

Why is punctuation important in English writing?

Punctuation is important in English writing to clarify meaning, indicate pauses, and separate ideas.

Test your knowledge on a scenario where a person faces difficulties while reporting a crime at a police station. Explore the challenges faced by individuals seeking help from law enforcement authorities.

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