Japan vs Spain: European Championship Final Match Recap



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Hver var úrslitamatssins?

Hvaða lið skoraði fyrst?

Hvenær var úrslitamatssins?


  • Japan won the match 2-1 against Spain in the final of the European Championship.

  • Spain finished in second place with six points, while Japan ended with six points as well.

  • The match was tight throughout, with Japan leading 1-0 at the half.

  • Bolt from Alvaro Morata gave Spain the lead in the 11th minute, but Japan equalized in the 48th minute with Ritsu Doan.

  • In the final minutes, the match became controversial after Japan's VAR ruled that Bolt had gone offside.

  • Japan eventually won in the end after a close match.


Test your knowledge of the Japan vs Spain European Championship final match with this quiz. Explore key moments, goals, and controversies from the intense game.

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