Plotinus and St. Augustine's Philosophy of Self

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What is the locus of all emotions according to the text?

Which part of the psyche operates under the MORALITY PRINCIPLE?

Who defined the self as 'the way people behave'?

What is the primary focus in defining the self, as per the text?

What is the philosophical statement associated with Descartes?

According to Descartes, what is the self?

What did Descartes emphasize as the origin of knowledge?

In Descartes' view, what is the nature of the physical body?

According to St. Augustine, what is the relationship between the body and the soul?

What influenced St. Augustine's definition of the self?

What did St. Augustine believe was the virtuous way of life?

How did Augustine transform Plato's vision of immortal souls striving for union with the eternal realm?


Explore the ideas of Plotinus and St. Augustine regarding the self as an immortal soul and its relationship with the body. Understand the evolution of their concepts about the body and soul relationship.

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