Plant Vascular Tissue Quiz

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10 Questions

What is the function of xylem in a plant?

What is the main function of phloem in a plant?

Which cells conduct water in xylem and have thinner walls?

What is the function of companion cells in phloem?

In which part of a plant do xylem and phloem form a structure called a vascular bundle?

What is the function of the root cap in plants?

Where does the region of elongation in roots lie?

What is a rhizome in a plant?

What is the major function of gynoecium or pistil in a flower?

What is the function of perianth in a flower?


Test your knowledge of plant vascular tissue, including xylem and phloem, which transport water, minerals, and sugars to different parts of the plant. Learn about the arrangement of vascular bundles and the specialized functions of xylem in conducting water and nutrients.

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