Plant Stem Cells and Cell Division Lifecycle Quiz

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What is the main function of Apical Meristem cells?

Promote elongation of the plant stem

Which type of plant cells are involved in increasing the girth of the stem?

Cambium Meristem cells

What is a characteristic of Determinate Growth in plants?

Growth termination via differentiation

During cell division, what must be passed on to the new cells?

Genetic information (DNA)

What event occurs during plant cell interphase that aids in the migration of the nucleus to the center of the cell?

Penetration of cytoplasmic strands into the vacuole

Which type of cells are responsible for primary growth in plants?

Apical Meristem cells

What is the main function of Intermediate growth in plants?

Producing new tissues that increase stem diameter

Which type of cells are responsible for secondary growth in plants?

Cambium Meristem cells

What characterizes Determinate Growth in plant development?

Limited growth where the organs stop elongating after reaching a certain size

What phase of the cell cycle involves DNA replication?

S phase

Which process involves the production of new cells through mitosis or meiosis?

Cell division

What is the primary photoreceptor involved in photoperiodism?


What type of movements are regulated by photoperiodism?

Nyctinastic movements

Entrainment synchronizes the circadian rhythm with which external cycle?

Light and dark cycle

How does light regulate seed germination according to the text?

By promoting seed germination under Pr form of phytochrome

Which external stimuli can trigger tropisms in plants, as mentioned in the text?


What is an antiporter in terms of carrier proteins?

A carrier protein that transports one solute depending on another solute in the opposite direction

Test your knowledge on the lifecycle of plant cells, focusing on growth termination through differentiation, the role of Apical Meristem cells in elongation, and Cambium Meristem cells in increased girth. Understand the importance of genetic information preservation during cell division.

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