Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis

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During daylight, plants photosynthesize at a faster rate than they respire because:

There is a higher intake of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen

What are the limiting factors of photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity, temperature

Why is the large surface area of a leaf important?

To allow more diffusion of carbon dioxide

What is the function of the waxy cuticle on the leaf's surface?

It protects against water loss without blocking sunlight

Which part of the leaf contains chloroplasts that absorb light energy for photosynthesis?

Palisade mesophyll cells

Why do spongy mesophyll cells have air spaces?

To allow carbon dioxide to diffuse easily through the leaf

What is the purpose of the waxy cuticle found on the surface of a leaf?

To protect against water loss without blocking sunlight

Why are palisade mesophyll cells located at the top of the leaf?

To absorb more light for photosynthesis

What role do spongy mesophyll cells play in leaf structure?

Facilitate the easy diffusion of carbon dioxide through the leaf

How does the large surface area of a leaf contribute to photosynthesis?

It enhances the diffusion of carbon dioxide and absorption of light

What is the primary function of chloroplasts in palisade mesophyll cells?

Absorb light energy required for photosynthesis

How does the presence of air spaces in spongy mesophyll cells benefit leaf function?

Allows for easy diffusion of carbon dioxide through the leaf

Learn about how plants respire and photosynthesize, including their processes during light and dark periods, the factors limiting photosynthesis, and the structure of a leaf. Gain insights into the crucial mechanisms that keep plants alive and thriving.

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