Plant Classification Quiz: Herb, Shrub, or Tree?

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What are the characteristics of herb plants?

Soft, thin, green stems; smaller than shrubs; roots in the upper layer of the soil

Name two examples of herb plants mentioned in the text.

Paddy, mustard

How are shrub plants different from trees?

Smaller in size than trees; roots do not go too deep into the soil

Give an example of a tree plant mentioned in the text.

Mango, jackfruit, wood apple

Study Notes

Characteristics of Herb Plants

  • Herb plants are non-woody, die back to the ground after the growing season, and have soft stems that do not persist through winter.

Examples of Herb Plants

  • Two examples of herb plants mentioned are not provided in the text. However, common examples of herb plants include basil, mint, and parsley.

Difference between Shrub Plants and Trees

  • Shrub plants are woody plants that are shorter than 6 meters (20 feet) with multiple stems growing from the base, while trees are woody plants that are taller than 6 meters with a single main stem (trunk).

Example of a Tree Plant

  • An example of a tree plant mentioned in the text is not provided. However, common examples of tree plants include oak, pine, and maple.

Test your knowledge of plant classification with this quiz. Learn about the characteristics of herbs, shrubs, and trees based on their stems, size, and roots.

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