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Which condition is characterized by cystic swelling of the chorionic villi and variable trophoblastic proliferation?

Hydatidiform Mole

In which type of moles can cytogenetic and histologic studies distinguish between complete and partial?

Hydatidiform Mole

Where are hydatidiform moles usually diagnosed?

In early pregnancy

What condition is associated with an increased risk of persistent trophoblastic disease or choriocarcinoma?

Hydatidiform Mole

What may be a consequence of widespread and severe thrombi on the cortex?

Renal cortical necrosis

Where else, besides the kidneys, can small-vessel thromboses be found according to the text?


Why is it important to recognize hydatidiform moles according to the text?

They are associated with persistent trophoblastic disease or choriocarcinoma

What age groups have a higher risk of developing hydatidiform moles according to the text?

Teenagers and those between 40-50 years

What is one distinguishing feature between benign and malignant prostate glands?

Presence of basal cells in benign glands

Which immunohistochemical marker is commonly up-regulated in prostate cancer?

α-methylacyl-coenzyme A-racemase (AMACR)

What is the distinguishing cytologic feature of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN)?

Presence of cytologically atypical cells

What is the most common form of cancer in men in the United States?

Prostate adenocarcinoma

Which factors are suspected to play a role in the pathogenesis of prostate cancer?

Age, race, family history, hormone levels, and environmental influences

What is a distinguishing feature between benign and malignant prostate glands?

Nodularity of the process

What is the most common benign prostatic disease in men over 50 years old?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Why is biopsy contraindicated in suspected acute prostatitis?

It leads to sepsis

What can be found in prostate specimens removed surgically from men with no clinical symptoms of acute or chronic prostatitis?

Chronic inflammation

What is the most common benign prostatic disease that often leads to urinary obstruction?

Benign Enlargement

Test your knowledge on placental infection and inflammation with questions about histological changes, gross examination findings, and fetal responses. Identify key features such as purulent exudate, neutrophil infiltrate, and vasculitis in the placenta.

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