Pinker's Theory of Indirect Speech Acts

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How should overt speech be judged in terms of intent certainty?

As certain in intent with negligible variance

What is the basis for effective conversation, according to the text?

The cooperative principle

In Pinker's Theory of Indirect Speech, how should indirect speech be perceived compared to direct innuendo?

As admitting of high uncertainty

How should conversations thrive, based on the information provided?

Through establishing a cooperative principle

What level of confidence should the last link in a chain of gossip have in the speaker's intent?

High confidence

How are pragmatic rules in conversation different from mere utterances matching phonological, syntactic, and semantic criteria?

They follow the Gricean Maxims of Cooperative Conversation

What do women aim to achieve through their conversational strategies?

Minimize differences

What is a key difference in men's conversational goals compared to women's?

Men seek to assert independence

What do men prefer to do in conversations to indicate higher status?


How do women handle differences of opinion in conversations?

By avoiding any appearance of superiority

What is a key aspect of the male partner's behavior in close relationships according to the text?

Informing the partner of plans

How do women affirm the importance of a relationship according to the text?

By committing to the relationship

What is the basic assumption of Pinker's Theory of Indirect Speech?

Communication is always a mixture of cooperation and conflict

According to Pinker's Theory, what is the purpose of using indirect speech for plausible deniability?

To allow an uncooperative listener to reject the request without adversarial reaction

Why might someone choose to use indirect language for relationship negotiation?

To avoid offending due to ambiguous relationship nature

In Pinker's Theory, what role does language play in indirect communication?

Language can transmit messages with high fidelity even indirectly

How does a mismatch in assumed relationship types influence the need for plausible deniability?

It can create a necessity for plausible deniability in indirect speech

What makes an indirect request qualitatively different from a direct one according to Pinker's Theory?

The ability to create common knowledge through language

Explore the three-part theory of indirect speech according to Pinker, emphasizing communication as a blend of cooperation and conflict. Learn how indirect speech serves purposes like plausible deniability and relationship negotiation.

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