PICTALK Freedom of the Human Person Quarter 2- Week 1 Quiz

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What is the main concept that helps us understand what freedom is?

Free will

According to Aristotle, what is freedom linked to?

Free will

What does the term 'psychological freedom' refer to?

Freedom to make choices based on moral reasoning

What is the innate and essential property of a human person according to the text?

Free will

Which type of freedom allows a person to act or not to act, and cannot be denied to a person?

Psychological freedom

What does 'freedom' refer to as per the definition by Webster?

The quality or state of being free

Which term refers to the ability of a person to act of his or her own free will and self-determination?

Free Will

What does moral freedom refer to?

Freedom of Choice

Which term refers to a type of freedom from physical restraint?

Physical Freedom

What is responsible for the exercise of freedom, allowing us to be more rational in making choices?


Which element of freedom refers to the person being accountable for his or her action and their consequences?


What does voluntariness refer to?

The ability to act of one's own free will and self-determination

Which factor allows us to govern and discipline oneself with the use of reason, giving good judgments in making decisions?


'Prudence' is associated with which of the following?

'Prudence' is the ability to govern and discipline oneself with the use of reason.

Test your understanding of freedom and free will with this quiz based on the concepts discussed in Quarter 2- Week 1 of the PICTALK Freedom of the Human Person class. Explore the meaning of freedom and its significance according to different perspectives.

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