Physics: Static Electricity, Seismic Waves, and Earthquake Quiz

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What is the name of the device used to protect buildings from the danger of lightning?

What is the process called when charges from a charged object are transferred to the earth?

What is the device used for detecting and determining the presence of electric charges using electrostatic attraction and repulsion?

What is the sudden shaking and trembling of the earth called?

Define static electricity.

What are seismic or fault zones?

Explain the process of electric discharge.

Describe the process of earthing.

What is the main purpose of a lightning conductor?

Explain the significance of seismic or fault zones in relation to earthquakes.

How is an electroscope used to detect electric charges?

What is the process involved in the creation of static electricity?


Test your knowledge of physics concepts related to static electricity, seismic waves, earthing, lightning conductors, earthquakes, and the functioning of an electroscope.

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