Physics IX Unit 1: Physical Quantities and Measurement Quiz

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When rounding a number, if the last digit is less than 5, what happens to the number of significant figures?

It decreases

In scientific notation, how is 100.8 s expressed?

$1.008 \times 10^2$ s

How many significant figures are there in 0.00580 km?


If the last digit is 5 when rounding a number, what rule is followed to determine the new digit?

It is rounded to get nearest even number

What happens to the number of significant figures when zeros are used to space the decimal point?

They remain insignificant

Expressing 1.47 with two significant figures results in which number?


In the value 210.0 g, how many zeros are considered as significant figures?


If a digit is increased by one when rounding a number, what could happen to the number of significant figures?

It decreases

'The zeros between two significant figures are also significant' - this statement is true when discussing:

'significant figure rules'

'If the last digit is greater than 5, then the digit on its left is increased by one.' This statement refers to which rounding principle?

'Round up to next whole number'

Test your knowledge on the accuracy of measuring physical quantities, factors affecting accuracy, and significant figures in measurements. Explore how laboratory conditions, quality of measuring instruments, observer skill, and number of observations impact the accuracy of measurements.

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