Physics Chapter: Work, Energy and Power

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What concept is closely related to 'work' according to the text?


Why do living beings and machines need energy?

To perform activities and work

What are examples of strenuous activities that require more energy according to the text?

Jumping, running, fighting

What is the source of energy for all living beings according to the text?


Why do some engines require fuel like petrol and diesel?

To provide energy for work

According to the scientific definition of work, which scenario does NOT involve work?

Pushing a rock that doesn't move

Which of the following activities may NOT be considered as 'work' in day-to-day life?

Performing experiments

What determines whether an activity is considered 'work'?

Whether there is displacement involved

What is an example of an activity that involves 'work' based on the scientific definition?

Climbing up a tall tree

In what context do we define and use the term 'work' differently?

In day-to-day life

Learn about the concepts of work, energy, and power in physics, and how they are related to the motion of objects. Understand how living beings obtain energy for life processes from food. Explore the significance of work, energy, and power in natural phenomena.

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