Physics and Engineering Quiz: Heat, Thermodynamics, and Instruments

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What is the unit of measurement for the rate of flow of electrons in a conductor?

What is the accidental path of low resistance that allows an abnormal amount of current to flow called?

In an electric circuit, what device measures pressure and converts it into an electrical signal?

What material is widely used as an electric cable due to its good conductivity?

Which electrical property will remain the same across each component in a series circuit?

What instrument can be used to test the insulation efficiency of electric devices and wiring?

What does a capacitor placed across motor terminals help improve?

Which unit is used to express the inductive reactance of an AC circuit?

What is the name of the electric device that automatically breaks the current if an excessive current is drawn by the motor?


Test your knowledge with questions about specific heat capacity, kinetic energy, normalizing process, anemometer, saturation temperature, and more related to physics and engineering.

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