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What is the main objective of playing badminton?

To hit the shuttlecock

When was badminton introduced as an Olympic sport?


What is a key safety rule to follow when playing badminton?

Stay in your own court

What was badminton initially played somewhat like?


What should players do before the start of a game in badminton?

Agree on the boundaries

What is a common misconception about badminton safety/etiquette based on the provided text?

Players should hit their partner with the racket

What is the purpose of a 'clear' shot in badminton?

To drive the opponent away from the net or forecourt

How should the grip be on a backhand shot in badminton?

Rotate the hand so the thumb is along and parallel to the wide side of the handle

Which shot in badminton is described as 'an attacking shot made at the limit of one’s upward reach'?


What distinguishes a 'drive' shot from a 'smash' shot in badminton?

A drive shot is played low and flat, while a smash is used to slow down the game

Which grip is recommended for playing a 'net shot' in badminton?

Forehand grip

What type of shot is best characterized by controlling the descent of the bird without much follow-through?

'Drop Shot'

Test your knowledge of badminton skills in this quiz. Identify, perform, and appreciate the skills involved in playing badminton. Learn about the history and origins of the sport.

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