Physical Development in Early Childhood Quiz

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Which type of reinforcement involves the introduction of a stimulus that increases the likelihood that a behavior will happen again?

In which stage of Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory does a child begin to develop object permanence?

What did Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory involve?

Which approach includes the understanding that a stimulus causing a response is a key aspect of learning?

What is the main advantage of experimental studies?

What does a negative correlation between two variables mean?

What is the purpose of a control group in experimental studies?

What is the primary concern with longitudinal design in studying developmental changes over time?

During early childhood, which part of the brain develops faster than the right hemisphere?

What is the primary function of the amygdala in the human brain?

Which part of the brain is responsible for balance and movement control?

What percentage of adult size does the human brain reach between ages 2 and 6?

What triggers cells to duplicate and cause growth?

Which factor is linked to lower IQs and behavioral problems?

What is necessary for brain growth and development?

How does lack of sleep affect cognitive performance?


Test your knowledge of physical development in early childhood with this quiz. Topics include body growth, skeletal growth, brain development, and more.

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