Physical Data Models in Computers

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Which type of data model provides concepts that are easily understood by end users and closely resemble the way data is stored in computer systems?

Conceptual data model

In the context of data modeling, what are entities?

Instances of a class or object

What role do attributes play in the Entity-Relationship Model?

They describe the properties of entities

Which data model focuses on the physical implementation details like storage, indexing, and access paths?

Physical data model

What distinguishes a Conceptual Data Model from a Logical Data Model?

Conceptual Data Model is higher-level and closer to the way users perceive data

What is the main purpose of changing the conceptual schema in a database system?

To expand the database by adding a record type or data item

How does physical data independence in a database system relate to hardware?

It allows for changing hardware components without altering data or tables

What does it mean to have the capacity for internal schema changes in a database system?

Alterations can be made to the conceptual schema without affecting the physical schema

In a Centralized DBMS Architecture, where is the control of the database system located?

Centrally located in one main server

Why is data backup essential in a Client-Server DBMS Architecture?

To ensure high availability and fault tolerance

Study Notes

  • Physical (low-level, internal) data models describe how data is stored in the computer.
  • Implementation data models bridge the gap between physical and conceptual data models, commonly used in commercial database management systems like relational data models.
  • Implementation data models are user-friendly but still closely reflect how data is organized in computer storage.
  • Activities related to database file structure reorganization include performance monitoring utilities, report generation utilities, and data conversion tools.
  • Other tasks involve backing up the database periodically on tape and modifying the conceptual schema to expand or reduce the database, change constraints, or add/remove record types or data items.
  • Physical Data Independence allows changing the internal schema without affecting the conceptual schema, enabling alterations in storage location without impacting data or tables.

This quiz covers concepts related to physical (low-level, internal) data models, focusing on the detailed aspects of how data is stored in a computer system. Test your knowledge on the storage mechanisms and structures used within computers.

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