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Which of the following is an example of a physical change?

Melting ice to form water

What occurs during a chemical reaction?

Formation of new substances

Which of the following is a sign of a chemical reaction?

Change in color or odor

Study Notes

  • A physical change is when a substance undergoes a change in its physical properties such as shape, size, appearance, or state without altering its internal structure or molecular composition.
  • A paper being torn is an example of a physical change as it remains as paper despite being torn into two pieces.
  • Burning a paper results in the formation of new substances (ash and smoke), making it a chemical change.
  • Water converting into ice is a physical change as it only alters the state of the matter, and ice can be transformed back into water through heating.
  • During respiration, oxygen is utilized, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide, which is a chemical change characterized as a chemical reaction.
  • A chemical reaction takes place when active substances rearrange or combine to form new substances.
  • Signs of a chemical reaction include the appearance of new substances and the release or absorption of energy.

Test your understanding of physical and chemical changes with this quiz. Explore examples and characteristics of each type of change, including the formation of new substances and the alteration of molecular composition.

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