Photography Composition Basics

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What is the primary focus of composition in photography?

How does composition differentiate 'taking' from 'making' in photography?

What is the key aspect of 'MAKING' in photography?

Which rule of composition involves moving the focal point out of the center and into one of the 'third' sections of the photograph frame?

According to Ansel Adams, what does 'pre-visualization' involve in photography?

What are the two types of balance mentioned in the powerpoint?

In photography, what is the purpose of leading lines?

What is a merger in photography?

In photography, what is the role of experimentation?

Why is the rule of thirds considered risky in photography?

What should a photographer consider when deciding on the viewpoint for a photograph?

What is the main advantage of digital photography mentioned in the powerpoint?


Learn about the relative arrangement of elements within a photograph frame and how composition sets professional photography apart. Understand the importance of composition in taking photographs, especially for printing in yearbooks.

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