Philosophy of Freedom Quiz

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What is the nature of human freedom according to the text?

Which element of human freedom refers to the person being accountable for their actions and their consequences?

What does moral freedom refer to according to the text?

How does the text define psychological freedom?

What happens when a person does not exercise control over their actions, according to the text?

What is the philosophical concept related to the interaction between the self and the other?

Which aspect of intersubjectivity emphasizes the ability to share emotions?

What is the ethical theory that emphasizes the moral dimension of relationships and interactions?

In the context of intersubjectivity, what does 'availability' refer to?

What must each choice or action be made after?

Which society primarily relies on the domestication of animals for food?

In which society are those who own land considered most powerful and influential?

Which type of society uses machinery in producing goods and services?

What distinguishes post-industrial society from other societies?

What distinguishes a horticultural society from other societies?

What characterizes a hunting and gathering society?

Which society features large-scale and long-term cultivation of crops and domestication of animals?


Test your understanding of the concept of freedom in human nature, including its intrinsic nature, power to create and define oneself, and the responsibilities associated with it.

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