Philosophy: Free Will and Determinism

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According to Hard Determinism, what is the relationship between freedom and determinism?

What does Libertarianism accept and reject in relation to hard determinism?

What does Hard Determinism believe about the existence of free will?

What is the stance of Libertarianism on the compatibility of determinism and freedom?

Which philosophy believes that freedom is not incompatible with determinism?

What is the factor that enables us to distinguish between good and bad actions?

Which type of accountability uses moral standards for justifying sanctions and punishments?

What does libertarianism believe produces free choices?

According to responsibility as duty, what does being responsible mean?

What is accountability usually used interchangeably with?

What does moral accountability usually include as a natural result of our capacities to know and choose?

What is the premise rejected by compatibilism?

According to libertarianism, who determines free choices?

What does legal accountability use to justify sanctions and punishments?

Hard Determinism believes that freedom and determinism are compatible.

Libertarianism accepts the premise that determinism is correct.

Human freedom, according to Hard Determinism, is determined by previous actions and natural laws.

Social freedom, as per Compatibilism's definition, is being constrained, forced, or compelled.

According to Determinism, all events in the world are caused by previous events/conditions and the laws of nature.

Voluntary choices are determined, according to the text.

Libertarianism believes that free choices are determined by external factors.

Compatibilism rejects the idea that freedom is incompatible with determinism.

Accountability is defined as our deservingness of blame or praise for actions that we perform.

Intelligence is the factor that enables us to distinguish between good and bad actions.

Freedom enables us to choose which action(s) we want to perform.

Legal accountability usually includes guilt, remorse, sorrow, shame, etc. as natural results of our capacities to know and choose.

Responsibility as duty gives rise to responsibility as agency.

Moral accountability uses legal standards to justify sanctions and punishments.

Legal accountability can coincide with moral accountability.

Responsibility as agency can be attributed only to humans, not non-humans.


Explore the concepts of free will, determinism, and compatibilism in philosophy. Learn about libertarianism's belief in the human mind producing free choices through free will, and compatibilism's rejection of the premise that freedom is incompatible with determinism.

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