Philosophy Chapter 1: Understanding Self Review

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According to PLATO, what is the soul?

The mind existing prior to the body

Which philosopher believed that an unexamined life is not worth living?


According to RENE DESCARTES, what validates existence?


What did GILBERT RYLE define as the self?

The way people behave

Which philosopher argued for the dualism of body and soul?


According to IMMANUEL KANT, what constructs the self?

The individual

What did Rene Descartes recognize and express in his MEDITATIONS?

Duality of mind and body

According to Karl Jaspers, what did he believe about the being of a human person?

The being of a human person is lost in a context of total determination

What did Immanuel Kant believe about the responsibility of a human person?

Human person has the responsibility of respecting other people in the same way he/she respects himself/herself

According to John Locke, what is the criterion for personal identity?


What does the view of the duality of body and soul hold?

Our body is separate and distinct from our soul

What is the special branch of philosophy that deals with the puzzle of human consciousness?

Philosophy of mind

What does existentiality refer to in relation to a human person’s future?

All the possibilities that a human person has and can choose to have

What did St. Thomas Aquinas believe about body and soul?

They are one being made up of matter (being) and form (soul)

'Tabula rasa' originates from which Latin word?

'Tabula' or wax tablet

What did Karl Jaspers refer to as 'boundary situations' according to his philosophy?

The concrete situations that a human being is always confronted with

Test your understanding of philosophy with a review of key thinkers' views on self-discovery, such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Descartes, Kant, Locke, and Hume.

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