Philosophy and Logic Quiz: Basic Information

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What can be described as the basic information about a particular subject or discipline that students must be acquainted with?

According to many social constructivist theorists, what is excellent for learning because it helps students develop neural pathways?

What type of person is incredibly knowledgeable within their discipline but may just have general knowledge about everything else?

What does 'priori' mean in Latin?

Many philosophers believe ____________ is a superior form of knowledge because it is objective and can be derived independently, without context or bias

___________ obtained through the senses

The key problem of 'can’t we find some balanced combination of the extreme doctrines, and then deduce a correct way of living' was a product of _______________________ School of philosophy

What school of Philosophy has the summary 'follow what succeeds.'

Which of these was the Main Centres of the Empiricists.

Which of these was the Main Centres of the Phenomenologists.

The exponents of the key problem of the Existentialists are

'Dream of high ideals' is the summary statement of

'Live through Decisions' is the summary statement of

________________ states that 'If problems are broken down into steps, and attention paid to precise logic and evidence (like science), surely we can reach the truth.'


Test your knowledge on the basic information about philosophy and logic in this continuous assessment examination quiz from Bowen University. Answer all questions by selecting the most suitable option from A to D.

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