Philosophical Perspectives of the Self

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What did Socrates believe about self-knowledge?

It involves relying on rational thought and introspection.

According to Plato, what are the two aspects of the self?

Physical and spiritual

What did Plato refer to as the 'Reason' part of the soul?

Divine essence for deep thinking

What did Aristotle consider the 'Spirit or passion' part of the soul to represent?

Basic emotions

What was Aristotle's role in relation to Alexander the Great?

He was a mentor to Alexander the Great.

Which philosopher introduced the concept of 'Cogito ergo sum'?

René Descartes

According to Gilbert Ryle, what did he believe truly matters in understanding the mind-body relationship?


Which philosopher emphasized the concept of 'Tabula Rasa'?

John Locke

Who believed that the mind is nothing but a heap of different perceptions unified by relationships?

David Hume

What concept highlights that a being's potentials must be actualized as they grow?

Potency and Act

Explore the philosophical perspectives of the self, as seen through the lens of Greek civilization and thinkers like Socrates. Learn how self-knowledge, rational thought, and introspection play crucial roles in understanding one's own soul and achieving a happy and meaningful life.

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