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What are the three objectives of the National Center for Mental Health?

Prevention of mental disorders, promotion of mental health consciousness, and training of medical professionals

Which method of treatment was primarily used at NCMH but is discouraged nowadays?


What type of occupational therapy was provided at NCMH as an example?

Preparing patients for discharge by teaching crafts and decorating

In the historical development of psychiatry in the Philippines, what were native healers called?

Babaylan (shaman)

During the pre-Spanish regime, what was the belief regarding the world?

The world is equally material and spiritual

What type of therapy involved encouraging patients to attend church services?


What was the name of the National Psychopathic Hospital after it was renamed?

National Mental Hospital

Which treatment modality was NOT mentioned as part of the methods at the V.Luna General Hospital psychiatric service?


In what year did the University of Santo Tomas (UST) open its Neuropsychiatry Section?


Who was the first psychiatric nurse from the Philippines sent abroad to obtain a master's degree?

Nenita Yasay Davadilla

What was the 1973 milestone in psychiatric nursing mentioned in the text?

Publication of first psychiatric nursing textbook

What was one of the systemic changes in mental health care mentioned in the text?

Transition towards recovery and reintegration

During prehistoric times, why were individuals subjected to tribal rites instead of medical treatment?

Because they believed the illness was caused by supernatural forces

What was the approach to treating mentally ill individuals in the Middle Ages?

Leaving treatment to priests who believed patients were possessed by demons

In the 16th century, how were mentally ill individuals typically treated in establishments like jails, dungeons, and lunatic asylums?

In a barbaric manner

What contribution did Philippe Pinel make to the treatment of mentally ill patients in the 18th century?

He freed mentally ill patients from jail and promoted humane treatment

Who is known as the 'Father of Modern Psychiatry'?

Philippe Pinel

Which historical figure founded the Pennsylvania Hospital and contributed to psychiatric advancements?

Benjamin Franklin

Study Notes

Liberation Period and Era of the Republic

  • National Psychopathic Hospital was renamed to National Mental Hospital
  • 1946: V.Luna General Hospital established psychiatric service
  • 1947: UST opened Neuropsychiatry Section
  • 1949: Philippine Mental Health Association was founded
  • 1956: University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center established psychiatry department
  • 1958: Phil. General Hospital opened its own neuropsychiatry section

Historical Development of Psychiatry in the Philippines

  • Pre-Spanish regime: Belief in native healers performing healing process that can be spiritual, magical, and interpersonal
  • Babaylan (shaman) and sorcerer healing were used
  • Prehistoric times: Tribal rites were used because the cause of illness was unknown

International History of Psychiatry

  • Early Greek and Roman era: Patients were placed in temples
  • Middle Ages: Treatment was left to priests, believing that patients were possessed by demons
  • 16th century: Patients were treated in jails, dungeons, and lunatic asylums
  • 16th century: King Henry VIII dedicated the Bethlehem Hospital as a mental hospital
  • 17th century: Robert Burton wrote "Anatomy of Melancholy"
  • 18th century: Philippe Pinel freed mentally ill patients from jail and advocated for humane treatment
  • 18th century: Philippe Pinel is considered the Father of Modern Psychiatry
  • 18th century: Jean-Étienne-Dominique Esquirol continued Pinel's crusade for humane treatment
  • 18th century: Benjamin Franklin founded Pennsylvania Hospital

Development of Mental Health Care in the Philippines

  • 1950: Patient population reached 2,030
  • 1960: Patient population reached 5,896
  • 1970: Patient population reached 7,435
  • 1975: Patient population reached 8,700
  • 1973: The first textbook "An Outline of Psychiatric Nursing" by Jesusa Bagan Lara was published
  • Nenita Yasay Davadilla was the first psychiatric nurse sent abroad to obtain a master's degree
  • Magda Carolina Go Vera Llamanzares was the first Child Psychiatric Nurse
  • UP College of Nursing established the first graduate program in 1968
  • Sotera Capella was the first Chief Nurse of The National Center for Mental Health

National Center for Mental Health

  • 3 objectives: care, treatment, and rehabilitation of the mentally ill; prevention of mental disorders and promotion of mental health consciousness; and training and education of medical and paramedical personnel
  • Methods of treatment: ECT, tranquilizers, and antidepressant drugs, occupational and recreational therapy, and individual and group psychotherapy
  • Use of religion: patients are encouraged to attend church services and group sessions with the chaplain

Test your knowledge on the history of mental health in the Philippines, including significant events and establishments during the Liberation Period and the Era of the Republic. Explore the developments in psychiatric services, treatments, and associations in the mid-20th century.

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