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Which ritual was practiced during Pre-Colonial times?

Banog Banog Dance

Who painted 'Planting Rice' in 1921 and 'El Kundiman' in 1930?

Fabian dela Rosa

What was the first printed book in the Philippines during the Spanish Colonial Period?

Doctrina Christiana

Which National Artist presented distorted figures of labouring workers in their 1928 painting 'The Builders'?

Victorio Edades

During which colonial period were structures like CCP Complex and Manila Film Center built?

Japanese Occupation

What does Civic Art mainly focus on?

Beautification of parks and roads

Which of the following is an example of Practical or Utilitarian arts?


In the context of Visual Arts, what is Graphic art primarily concerned with?

Typically two-dimensional expression

What does Agricultural Art encompass according to the text?

Farming and horticulture

What is Typography focused on in the context of Graphic art?

Designing book layouts

Which contemporary art form is primarily intended for aesthetic enjoyment through the senses?

Fine arts

During which period were the Oblation at the University of the Philippines and the Bonifacio Monument created?

Spanish Colonial Period

Which type of decorations can be observed in Tausug and Sama houses, traditional boats, weapons, musical instruments, and textiles?

Okir decorations

Which artist painted 'The Builders' in 1928, presenting distorted figures of labouring workers?

Victorio Edades

What is the main difference between Industrial Art and Applied or Household Art?

Industrial Art involves changing raw materials for human consumption, while Applied or Household Art focuses on decorative and practical household arts.

Which of the following best describes the field of Commercial Art?

Commercial Art involves creating visual content for business promotion and advertising purposes.

What distinguishes Graphic Art from other forms of visual artistic expression?

Graphic Art encompasses a wide range of two-dimensional visual expression including typography and computer graphics.

Which of the following activities would be classified under Business Art?

Typewriting, stenography, and business administration tasks.

What does Fishery Art mainly involve?

Shallow and deep sea fishing, fish refrigeration, and net weaving.

In the context of Medical or Clinical Art, what does 'medicinal manufacturing' refer to?

Manufacturing of medicinal drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Test your knowledge on traditional arts and crafts from the Philippines, including rituals, music, dance, carving, designs, weaving, ornamentation, and more.

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