Philippine Contemporary Arts: CPAR Quarter 1

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What does the term 'contemporary' generally refer to in the context of art?

Art being created in the current period

How is the term 'contemporary' derived?

From the Latin prefix con, meaning 'together', and tempus, meaning 'time'

When did contemporary art emerge in the Philippines?

During the 1970s

What art movement sought to expose the real condition of Philippine society during the 1970s?

Socio realism

What was social realism used for during the 1970s in the Philippines?

To oppose the regime

What did progressive art aim to convey during the 1970s in the Philippines?

The authentic aspirations of the Filipino people

What is a key characteristic of contemporary art?

Transgression of established norms and rules

What important preoccupation in contemporary art involves creating a new work by combining borrowed images with new ones?


What does contemporary art profess an awareness of in terms of heritage?

Local heritage

How do most cultures define something as 'beautiful'?

As something pleasing to the eye and often resembling an ideal

In what way do artists earn a living through their art according to the text?

Through the creation, production, and commercialization of creative contents

How do artists who fulfill the need for commentary view art?

As a primary goal for communication through subject matter

What do artists express through art when they convey information about their personality, feelings, or worldview?


What is the purpose of creating art as a remembrance according to the text?

To commemorate important events and people that have shaped history

Test your knowledge of contemporary Philippine arts with this quiz. Explore the concept of contemporary art and its relevance in the Philippine context.

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