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According to Philip Sidney, what is the purpose of poetry?

To teach and delight

In response to Stephen Gosson's criticism, how does Philip Sidney view the role of poetry in society?

As a civilizing force and source of knowledge

Why does Philip Sidney prefer imaginative literature over history and philosophy?

Because imaginative literature teaches better and reproduces an ideal world

How does Philip Sidney respond to the claim that poetry is a waste of time?

By dismissing the claim as untrue, stating poetry teaches virtue

What is one of the specific charges made by Stephen Gosson against poetry that Philip Sidney addresses in his defense?

Poetry is the nurse of abuse

How does Philip Sidney contrast poetry with history when discussing their impact on society?

Poetry can reproduce an ideal golden world while history cannot

What does Philip Sidney view as the main value of poetry according to the text?

It teaches better than history and philosophy

How does Philip Sidney refute the claim that poetry is a waste of time?

By arguing that learning through poetry leads to virtue

In Philip Sidney's view, how does poetry contribute to education in ideal societies?

By serving as the main source of education

Why does Philip Sidney mention ancient Greek society in his defense of poetry?

To highlight how poetry was valued and respected

How does Philip Sidney differentiate between the teaching methods of poetry and other disciplines like history and philosophy?

Poetry prioritizes moving individuals towards virtue, unlike history or philosophy

What is Philip Sidney's response to the accusation that poetry is the mother of lies?

He disagrees, stating that historical facts can be presented poetically while still being true

Test your knowledge on Philip Sidney's defense of poetry in 'The Defence of Poesy' where he responds to criticism by Stephen Gosson. Explore Sidney's views on poetry as a means of teaching, delighting, and communicating effectively.

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