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What is the primary purpose of mixing in the production of tablets, sachets, and dry capsules?

To ensure uniformity of composition

In the context of dissolving a solid in a solvent, what makes the process rapid?


What is the purpose of mixing in the context of emulsions and creams?

To disperse immiscible liquids

How does mixing contribute to the production of pastes?

By dispersing solid particles in a liquid

According to the text, what does mixing aim to achieve in the production of tablets, sachets, and dry capsules?

Uniformity of composition

What is the overall objective of mixing as mentioned in the text?

To ensure uniformity of composition

What type of mixture is formed from materials such as gases or miscible liquids and mix spontaneously and irreversibly by diffusion?

Positive mixture

Which type of mixture requires energy to be supplied to keep components adequately dispersed?

Negative mixture

What type of mixture is static in behavior and neither mixing nor de-mixing occurs, unless acted upon by an external system of forces?

Neutral mixture

What is the mechanism of mixing referred to as macromixing, involving the transfer of groups of particles in bulk from one part of the powder bed to another?

Convective mixing

During which type of mixing are shear forces created within the mass of the material by using agitator arm or a blast of air?

Shear mixing

In which type of mixture does the dispersion of solid in the solution occur, leading to fast separation?

Negative mixture

Which type of mixture has slow separation and requires a high degree of mixing efficiency to be formed?

Negative mixture

What is formed when two or more than two miscible liquids are mixed together?

(+) Solution

Which type of mixing involves tilting the materials so that gravitational forces cause the upper layers to slip and diffusion of individual particles takes place over newly developed surfaces?

(o) Diffusive mixing

What is obtained when an insoluble solid is mixed with a vehicle?

(–) Suspension

What is the primary purpose of filtration in the context of liquid dosage forms?

To remove undissolved solid substances from the mixture

In filtration, what is the filter medium's role?

To retain the solids and allow the fluid to pass through

What happens to the accumulated solids on the filter, known as the filter cake?

They form a layer on the filter, retaining more solids

What is the general process of filtration based on the size of particles to be separated?

The filter medium pores are smaller than the size of particles to be separated

What is meant by clarification in the context of solid concentration in a liquid?

Separation of solids from a fluid with very low concentration

What is one of the applications of filtration in pharmaceutical formulation?

To separate solid impurities and achieve a clear solution for patients

What is the primary purpose of HEPA filters and laminar air benches in the production of sterile products?

To provide a sterile environment during manufacture of sterile products

In which production process are bacteria-proof filters used?

Filtration of thermo labile substances

What is the mechanism involved in depth filtration?


Which type of filter medium has a high mechanical strength and high capacity, making it cheaper to use?

Ceramic filters

What governs the flow of liquid through a filter according to the text?

The resistance

How is the rate of filtration expressed according to the text?

$Rate = volume (litres) per unit time (dv/dt)$

What does Darcy’s Equation aim to incorporate according to the text?

Factors influencing the rate of filtration

What is meant by 'filtration is not a steady state' according to the text?

The resistance is not constant and increases with an increase in deposition of solids on the filter medium

In depth filtration, what does slurry penetrate to a point where?

The diameter of solid particles is greater than that of the tortuous void or channel

What determines the efficacy of surface/ screen filtration according to the text?

Mean or maximum pore size

Test your knowledge of mixing operations in pharmacy production, including the definition of mixing and the process of making simple physical mixtures for tablets, sachets, and dry capsules.

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