Pharmacology: Science of Drugs and Their Effects

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Which of the following is a drug derived from a plant source?


Where is atropine derived from?

Digitalis plant

Which of the following drugs is present in tea?

Tannic acid

Where is streptomycin derived from?

Streptomyces griseus

Which of the following hormones comes from the pituitary gland?


In which part of the plant do cardiac glycosides like digitalin come from?


What does the term 'Pharmacology' refer to?

The science dealing with the therapeutic uses and toxic effects of drugs

How does the FDA define drugs?

Substances used for curing, preventing, or diagnosing diseases in humans or animals

What does Toxicology primarily focus on?

The harmful effects of drugs and toxic agents

What is Pharmacokinetics mainly concerned with?

Study of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion

What is Pharmacodynamics related to?

Study of drug actions and mechanisms of action

Which category does 'Plant' fall into regarding the natural sources of drugs?

Category A - Plant

Explore the field of pharmacology, which deals with drugs, their therapeutic uses, and toxic effects. Learn about the definition of drugs, their medicinal uses, and the regulations surrounding their use in healthcare.

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