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What is the purpose of persuasive writing?

To sway an audience on a particular subject

How does persuasive writing differ from debates and formal arguments?

It is a more personal and informal style of writing

What are the three primary types of persuasive techniques?

Ethos, pathos, and logos

What does 'ethos' refer to in persuasive writing?

One's character

What is the etymological root of the modern word 'ethic'?


What is the purpose of using a combination of persuasive strategies in writing?

To strengthen the effect of the writing

In what context are persuasive writing strategies used in advertising?

To encourage people to buy a certain product or service

What is the purpose of ethos style of persuasive writing?

To tap into the audience's morality and prove the writer's trustworthiness

Which emotion is commonly appealed to in persuasive writing using pathos?


What is the root meaning of the word 'logos' in persuasive writing?


Which literary device is used to stress a point by using it two or more times?


What is the main goal of pathos in persuasive writing?

To generate an intense emotional response

What does logos in persuasive writing attempt to influence readers by using?

Rational arguments and facts

What is the purpose of using a metaphor in persuasive writing?

To compare two ideas or things without relying on linking words

Which emotion is NOT commonly appealed to in persuasive writing using pathos?


Test your knowledge of persuasive writing with this quiz! Explore techniques used to sway an audience and inspire action, including call-to-action strategies and their application in advertising.

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