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What does the nature component refer to in personality theory?

Genetic and biological factors

What are the criteria considered in personality theory?

Consistency, distinctiveness, and consensus

In personality theory, what does the term 'compnates' refer to?

Traits that are complementary to each other

What are the main areas covered in Freud's book?

Sexual perversions; childhood sexuality; and puberty

How did Freud distinguish between the sexual object and the sexual aim?

The sexual object is the desired object, and the sexual aim is the desired actions with the object

What did Freud note about the choice of children and animals as sex objects?

Most people would prefer to limit these perversions to the insane 'on aesthetic grounds' but that they exist in normal people also

What is the title of Freud's work on the theory of sexuality?

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

Which field is Sigmund Freud considered the founder of?


Test your understanding of personality theory with this quiz. Explore the nature component, criteria, and the term 'compnates' in personality theory. Identify key concepts and deepen your knowledge of personality theory.

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