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What is the main strategy for holding up commitment to personal growth in the face of challenges or waning motivation?

Considering the impact on others

In the given scenario, what might be the outcome if one only thinks about the goal of running a half-marathon?

Decreased motivation to go for a run

What is the likely result of reflecting on the 'why' in the scenario?

Boost in motivation to continue pursuing goals

Why might it be difficult to give up on the goal of running a half-marathon in the given scenario?

Strong desire to share important experiences with a spouse

How does reflecting on the 'why' help in regaining motivation in pursuing goals?

By reminding of the true motivation and purpose

Discover your true motivations and learn how to stay committed to personal growth, even in the face of challenges and waning motivation. This quiz will help you reflect on your goals and find inspiration to keep pursuing them.

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