Personal Development: Understanding Career and Life Goals

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What is the primary purpose of understanding the concepts of career and life goals?

To find a dream job that matches skills, personality, and interests

According to the Career Development Institute, how do they define a career?

A sequence and variety of work roles throughout life

What does the text suggest about the academic and business sectors' discussions on skills and workplace needs?

The discussions have been ongoing for many years

What is the nature of a career, as described in the text?

Life-long and progressive

What is meant by 'career' according to the Career Development Institute?

Work roles related to wider life roles

Why might a person get into a profession, according to the text?

To match life goals with a dream job

According to the text, which theory suggests that our career decisions are influenced by genetic influence, environmental conditions, learning experiences, and task approach skills?

Krumboltz’s Social Learning Theory of Choice

According to the text, which theory emphasizes that humans are in constant change and our view of what career we want for ourselves changes as self-concept changes with development?

Super’s Developmental Self-Concept Theory

Which of the following is NOT one of the categories of career development theories mentioned in the text?

Social Cognitive Theory

According to the text, which theory states that a person-environment fit is crucial for an individual to properly know what career is suited for them?

Holland’s Theory of Vocational Types

In the text, which type of career choice theory matches skills, values, interests, and personality characteristics with job factors or an occupational profile?

Trait Factor Theory

According to the text, who developed Holland’s Theory of Vocational Types?

John Holland

Which theory mentioned in the text emphasizes that our beliefs (thoughts) affect our behaviors and our cognitive processes such as self-efficacy help us decide what career we should take?

Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory

'We develop our career through managing work and transitions to move forward.' - What does this statement suggest about career development according to the text?

'Career development involves continuous progression through work and transitions.'

Learn about the concepts of career and life goals and how they can help in planning a career. Identify the personal and external factors influencing career choices and use self-assessment tools to understand personality traits in relation to life goals.

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