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What is the driving force for diffusion down a concentration gradient?

Chemical force

According to Fick's Laws, what factor contributes to a slower rate of diffusion?

Larger molecular weight of the solute

In the context of osmosis, what diffuses down its concentration gradient?


In Case 1 described in the text, where does the net movement of water occur?

From side 1 to side 2

What is the membrane permeable to in Case 2?

Water only

Which factor results in a faster rate of diffusion according to Fick's Laws?

Smaller distance (thickness) of the membrane

What is the role of leak channels in the cell membrane?

Enable ions to diffuse down their concentration gradient

If the extracellular concentration of K+ ions is artificially increased, what would happen to the equilibrium potential for K+ (EK)?


What effect does the Na+/K+ ATPase have on the cell membrane?

Creates and maintains concentration gradients of Na+ and K+ ions

How does the Nernst Equation relate to ion equilibrium potentials?

Determines the equilibrium potential for a specific ion based on its concentration gradient

What is the function of the Na+/K+ ATPase in maintaining cell homeostasis?

Establishes and upholds ion concentration gradients essential for cellular function

How would an increase in extracellular K+ ions affect the equilibrium potential for Na+ (ENa)?

Shift towards a more positive value

What happens to the net movement of water in the initial state described in the text?

Moves from side 1 to side 2

What is the final state in terms of water and solute concentrations as mentioned in the text?

Water concentrations equal, solute concentrations equal

What stops the net diffusion of water in the scenario with pure water on side 1?

Hydrostatic pressure

Why do cells care about osmotic pressure?

To maintain water balance

What is the term for the voltage difference across the plasma membrane when the cell is at rest?

Membrane potential

What type of movement occurs due to electrostatic attraction or repulsion in cells?


Test your knowledge on permeability and conductance. Learn about the factors that influence ion movement, including chemical and electrical driving forces, as well as the concept of diffusion down a concentration gradient.

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