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What is the maximum total dose of Benadryl for IV usage in pediatric mild reactions?


How should Epi IM be administered in relation to other medications in cases of anaphylaxis?

Epi IM should be administered first

What is the recommended interval for repeating Epinephrine IM in cases of anaphylaxis?

Every 5 minutes

How should Benadryl be administered for IV usage in pediatric mild reactions?

Administered over 2 minutes

What is the correct ratio for mixing Normal Saline with Benadryl for IV usage?

1:9 (1ml Benadryl for 9ml NS)

Test your knowledge on pediatric medication dosages and administration instructions for Benadryl, Epinephrine, and Normal Saline. Questions cover dosage calculations, max total doses, administration routes, and timing intervals.

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