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Who proposed the concept of multiple intelligences, suggesting that intelligence is not a single entity?

Which educational philosophy emphasizes learning through hands-on activities and real-world experiences?

What is the key principle in andragogy, the theory of adult learning proposed by Malcolm Knowles?

Who is known for the behaviorist theory of operant conditioning, involving positive and negative reinforcement?

What is the term for the process of gradually reducing support as learners gain proficiency in a task, as per Vygotsky's theory?

Who is associated with the concept of emotional intelligence as a crucial aspect of effective learning and success in life?

In the context of behaviorism, what is the process of gradually reducing the frequency or strength of a response through reinforcement?

Who is known for introducing the concept of the 'hidden curriculum' in education, referring to the unintended lessons learned in school?

Which learning theory suggests that learning occurs when learners are actively engaged in real-world problem-solving and critical thinking?

Who proposed the experiential learning theory, emphasizing the importance of concrete experiences in learning?


Test your knowledge of pedagogical theories with this quiz. Questions cover key concepts and theorists such as Zone of Proximal Development, behaviorism, multiple intelligences, and educational philosophies.

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