Patternmaking in Sewing and Fashion Design

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What is a sloper pattern also known as?

What is the process of changing the size of a finished pattern called?

What materials are patterns usually made of?

What do companies like Butterick and Simplicity specialize in selling?

What do commercial clothing manufacturers make in-house as part of their design and production process?

What is the process of making or cutting patterns sometimes compounded to?

What is a sloper pattern also known as?

What is the sturdier material patterns are sometimes made of if they need to be more robust?

What is included in the patterns usually sold to consumers by companies like Butterick and Simplicity?

What must be developed for each client in bespoke clothing?


Test your knowledge of patternmaking in sewing and fashion design with this quiz. Explore the process of creating templates for garment parts and learn about the materials used for making patterns.

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