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What is the occupation of Patol Babu in the story?

Bank clerk

Which theme is NOT explored in the story about Patol Babu?


What is Patol Babu comfortable with in his life?

Predictable existence

What triggers Patol Babu's fanciful thinking in the story?

World of cinema

Who does Patol Babu and Kokilamoni come across a photograph of in the film magazine?

Balraj Sahni

Which of the following is NOT a prevalent theme in 'Patol Babu, Filmstar'?

Struggle for power

What is the main theme of the story Patol Babu, Filmstar?

Transformation and self-discovery

How does Patol Babu's interaction with other cast members affect him?

He becomes more confident and self-assured

What role does Patol Babu play in the film being shot nearby?


In the story, who becomes increasingly supportive of Patol Babu's newfound confidence?

His wife

What does Patol Babu come to realize about his own existence towards the end of the narrative?

The true value of real-life relationships and connections

Which word best describes Patol Babu's character in the story?


Study Notes

Patol Babu: A Tale of Transformation and Humanity

Patol Babu, a beloved character in Bengali literature, was first introduced in the short story "Patol Babu, Filmstar" by Satyajit Ray, a celebrated author and filmmaker. Let's delve into the character analysis, theme exploration, and plot summary to better understand this captivating narrative.

Patol Babu: A Character Study

Patol Babu, a middle-aged, middle-class man, epitomizes the ordinary Bengali citizen in post-independence India. He is a bank clerk whose life revolves around routine and sameness, a man who is comfortable with his modest means and predictable existence. However, Patol Babu is also given to daydreaming and fanciful thinking, particularly when it comes to the world of cinema.

Themes: Escape, Self-Discovery, and Humanity

The story explores several themes, with the most prevalent being the concepts of escape, self-discovery, and humanity. The narrative touches upon the mundane existence of the lower-middle class and the desire to step out of one's comfort zone and experience something extraordinary. Furthermore, it delves into the complexities of human nature and the search for self-identity.

Plot Summary

The story unfolds with Patol Babu and his wife, Kokilamoni, coming across a copy of a film magazine, which includes a photograph of her favorite film star, Balraj Sahni. This chance discovery sparks a unique opportunity for Patol Babu, who takes on a dual persona, that of a film star and of his alter ego, Patol Babu filmstar. His elaborate daydreams about being an actor take a turn for the real when he visits the sets of a film being shot nearby, and he receives an invitation to appear as an extra in the film.

Patol Babu's participation in the film leads to his sudden transformation. He becomes more confident and self-assured, and his interactions with other cast members open up opportunities for self-discovery and introspection. His wife becomes increasingly supportive as she witnesses the positive changes in her husband, who is now more attuned to his own desires and needs.

The narrative culminates in a celebration in which Patol Babu, now more appreciative of his ordinary life, realizes that the escapist fantasies of the film world can never replace the real-life relationships and connections he cherishes.


Patol Babu, Filmstar, is a classic tale of transformation and self-discovery, infused with themes of escape and humanity. The character of Patol Babu, with his naivety, simplicity, and sincerity, resonates with readers as they explore the complexities of human nature and the search for self-identity. The narrative demonstrates that sometimes it takes a touch of magic or a glimpse of another world to make us realize the true value of our own existence.

Delve into the character analysis, theme exploration, and plot summary of Patol Babu from the short story 'Patol Babu, Filmstar' by Satyajit Ray. Test your knowledge on this captivating narrative focusing on Patol Babu's journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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