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Who may conduct pat searches of male offenders according to the text?

Either male or female DOC employees or contract workers

Under what circumstances can a female offender be pat searched by a male DOC employee?

If there is no female employee available

When may a female transgender offender request a strip search according to the text?

If an employee of the gender the offender identifies with is available

What kind of search can female transgender offenders request according to the text?

Both strip and pat search

When may exigent circumstances dictate the need for an immediate search according to the text?

When there is an immediate security concern

What is the main purpose of conducting searches in a correctional facility based on the text?

To prevent escapes and disturbances

How should searches be conducted in a correctional facility according to the text?

Frequently and unannounced to maintain safety

What accommodation should be provided to offenders with disabilities during searches?

Reasonable accommodation as directed by the supervisor

Under what circumstances may a health care appliance be forcibly removed during a search?

In the presence of qualified medical staff or during an emergency

Who determines which areas of the facility or DOC property require searches?

The administrative head or designee

In what manner should searches be accomplished in a correctional facility according to the text?

Respectfully and without unnecessary force or destruction of property

How often will all living unit common areas be searched for contraband and unauthorized items?

Once a week

What type of documentation is required to be maintained on file for a period of three years?

Search log documenting cells and common areas searched

Under what circumstances should two employees be present to perform searches together?

When searching cell of close custody offenders

What should be done if there is reasonable cause to believe an offender has concealed contraband inside a healthcare device?

Disassemble the device for inspection

Who needs to approve the search of an offender's legal box if exigent circumstances exist?

The shift commander or custody/control manager

How often should all other areas besides living unit common areas be scheduled for searches?

Every quarter

Learn about the procedure of pat search which includes removing outer clothing, emptying pockets, physical search, screening with devices, and inspecting items being carried. Understand the regulations for conducting pat searches on male and female offenders.

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