Parts of a Light Microscope

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What part of a light microscope is used to increase the magnification of the specimen?

Objective lenses

Which adjustment knob on a light microscope is used to make small adjustments in focusing?

Fine adjustment

Where is the light source located in a light microscope?

Directly under the stage

Which part of the light microscope holds the slides in place?

Stage clips

What is the function of the condenser in a light microscope?

Control the light beam size

What is the main function of a light microscope?

Allowing light to pass through the specimen to form an image

Who is credited with optimizing the simple microscope in the 1600s?

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

What does the term 'microscope' mean when broken down into its components?

Small view

Which type of microscope was able to see single-celled animals and some larger bacteria?

Simple microscope

How do compound light microscopes form an image?

By using two lenses to allow light to pass through the specimen

Learn about the different parts of a light microscope, including the eyepiece, arm, objective lenses, stage, and stage clips. Understand how these components work together to magnify specimens for observation.

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