Parasitology Lecture 1

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What is the main difference between Trophozoite and Cyst/ oocyst in Protozoa?

Trophozoite is the active, feeding, pathogenic stage, while Cyst/ oocyst is the unactive and infective form

Which group of organisms are living organisms that depend on a living host for their nourishment and shelter?


What are the three major groups of parasites in medical parasitology?

Protozoa, Helminthes, Arthropods

Which class of Protozoa consists of parasites that move by means of pseudopodia?

Sarcodina (Amoebas)

What is the scientific name composed of two parts for parasites?

"Genus name and species name"

Study Notes

Protozoa Characteristics

  • Trophozoite: actively feeding and multiplying stage of Protozoa, while Cyst/Oocyst: dormant, resistant stage that can survive outside of host


  • Parasites: living organisms that depend on a living host for nourishment and shelter

Medical Parasitology

  • Three major groups of parasites: Protozoa, Helminths, Ectoparasites

Protozoan Movement

  • Amoeba: class of Protozoa that move by means of pseudopodia

Parasite Nomenclature

  • Scientific name for parasites is composed of two parts: genus and species

Test your knowledge of the science of parasitology and the study of parasites, including their morphology, life cycles, and relationships with hosts. Learn about human parasitology and medical parasites.

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