Parallel Processing in the Visual Cortex: Ventral and Dorsal Paths

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Which pathway in the visual cortex is important for identifying and recognizing objects?

Ventral stream

What type of information does the dorsal stream pathway in the visual cortex process?

Visually guided movement

What happens when there is damage to the ventral stream (temporal lobe) in the visual cortex?

Difficulty in identifying objects

How do V2 cells in the secondary visual cortex differ from V1 cells in responding to visual stimuli?

V2 cells respond best to textures and complex shapes

What type of information do cells in V2 respond best to?

Complex shapes and textures

Which area of the brain is responsible for processing visually guided movement?

Parietal cortex

Which area responds more strongly to faces?

Occipital face area

What is the primary function of the MT (middle temporal cortex) and MST (medial superior temporal cortex)?

Motion perception

What does damage to the fusiform gyrus lead to?

Inability to recognize faces

What is the function of the parahippocampal cortex?

Responds strongly to pictures of places

Which type of objects produce specific responses in the brain?

Pictures of places

What does visual agnosia refer to?

Inability to recognize objects despite otherwise satisfactory vision

Which area responds more strongly to bodies than to anything else?

Fusiform gyrus

What is the primary function of the Inferior temporal cortex?

Recognizing meaningful objects

What does object permanence refer to?

Knowing that an object continues to exist even if it is behind another object

What does prosopagnosia refer to?

Impaired ability to recognize faces

Explore the interconnected pathways in the visual cortex, including the ventral 'what' pathway and the dorsal 'how' pathway. Understand the reciprocal connections between primary and secondary visual cortex areas and their roles in identifying and recognizing objects.

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