Pain Management: Chapter 14 Multiple Choice Quiz

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What should be the nurse's priority concerning the woman's pain during labor?

Recognize that pain is personalized for each individual

Why is assessing for fetal well-being not the most appropriate action in this situation?

There are no signs of fetal distress mentioned

Which position is typically used to alleviate maternal stress during labor?

Left lateral position

What is a critical role the nurse has in providing care to a laboring woman?

Providing emotional support

In the context of labor pain, what does the gate-control theory suggest can help alleviate pain?

Changing the woman's position

Why is it important for the nurse to recognize the uniqueness of each woman's pain during labor?

To create a personalized pain management plan

According to the gate-control theory, what technique is believed to diminish the perception of pain by closing down a hypothetic gate in the spinal cord?

Massage or stroking

What is the primary reason for cautiously using meperidine (Demerol) in women with cardiac disease during labor?

To avoid tachycardia

Which opioid agonist analgesic is commonly used for women in labor worldwide and may even relax the cervix?

Meperidine (Demerol)

What medication should be available to reduce the postnatal effects of Demerol on the neonate if a laboring woman received meperidine intravenously before giving birth?

Naloxone (Narcan)

Which technique is believed to reduce or completely block the transmission of pain messages through nerve pathways according to the gate-control theory?


Why should opioid agonist analgesics be used cautiously in women with cardiac disease during labor?

To avoid potential heart-related adverse reactions

Test your knowledge on pain management techniques in the context of labor and birth. Choose the correct nursing interventions for managing pain in pregnant women. This quiz covers topics such as assessing fetal well-being, positioning, and individualized pain experiences.

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