Pahari School of Art Origin and Development

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Where do some scholars believe the Pahari School originated from?


Which ruler's cruelty led to the migration of Mughal artists to the hills, giving rise to the Pahari School?


The 'Gular Kalam' reached its peak in which year?

1780 A.D.

Which king of Gular had friendly relations with Mughal emperors, possibly influencing the development of the Pahari School?

Raja Goverdhan Chand

When the Pahari School received patronage from religious-minded kings, it came to be known as:

'Pahari Kalam'

Which town is associated with the oldest Kangra paintings?


What is a characteristic of the colours used in the Ahmednagar school of painting?

Rich and brilliant

In the paintings of Ahmadnagar, what is a distinctive feature of the women's attire?

Modified northern outfit with a choli and long braided pigtails

Which influence can be observed in the scenery depicted in the Ahmednagar school of painting?

Persian influences

What is a common trend seen in both the Lepakshi frescoes and the Deccan Schools of Painting?

Long scarf wrapping around the torso

What hairstyle is commonly depicted on women in the Deccan Schools of Painting?

Long braided pigtails

Explore the origin and development of the Pahari School of Art, including the influence of Gular and Kangra Kalam. Learn about how Mughal artists sought refuge in the hills and invented a new painting style.

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