Overton's Experiment Overview

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How did Pfeffer explain the osmotic behavior of plant cells in different salt solutions?

By postulating the existence of an osmotically semipermeable membrane

What is the relationship between osmotic pressure (Π) and the concentration of solute according to Van't Hoff's empirical finding?

Direct proportionality

What role does the plasma membrane play in the osmotic behavior of plant cells according to Pfeffer's postulation?

It constitutes an osmotically semipermeable membrane

Which type of compounds were found to readily enter the cell based on their partition coefficients?

Fatty compounds with larger partition coefficients

What did Overton conclude about the cell membrane based on his findings?

It must be oily or lipid-like

What did Overton's experiments primarily focus on?

The penetration of chemical compounds into cells

Who later proposed the existence of water-filled pores in the plasma membrane to explain the ability of certain compounds to penetrate the cell?


What was the dominant theory for nerve cells postulated by Bernstein?

Nerve cells exhibit electrical activities due to a semipermeable membrane

What did Gorter and Grendel determine about the lipid extracted from RBC ghosts?

There was enough lipid to form a layer two molecules thick over the whole cell surface

What experimental technique did Langmuir use in 1917 to demonstrate the molecular organization of lipids?

Langmuir trough

What did Fricke's measurements on artificial bilayer lipid membranes and biomembranes confirm?

The thickness of the plasma membrane

What concept about biomembranes was born based on Gorter and Grendel's results?

Lipid bilayer as the fundamental structure

Who is credited with coining the term 'cell'?

Robert Hooke

What is the significance of observing 'black holes' in soap films?

Influenced the development of the lipid bilayer concept

Which physicist estimated the thickness of 'blackest' soap films?

Isaac Newton

What is the purpose of using an osmometer?

To observe osmosis

Learn about Overton's experiment where he measured the rate of entrance of compounds into cells and compared them with partition coefficients. Discover how the experiment led to the conclusion that cell membranes are lipid-like.

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