Ottoman Empire Rise to Power

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Who was the leader that rose to power in the Islamic countries in the 1300s?

How long did the Ottomans rule?

Where did the Ottoman Turks come from?

Who established the original 'Ottoman State' around 1300-1326?

Which territories did the Ottomans control and expand into?

What was the period of rise and rule of the Ottoman Empire?

Who was the first to adopt the title of Sultan?

What was the significance of Mehmed II capturing Constantinople in 1453?

What was the purpose of the Devshirme in the Ottoman Empire?

What were the achievements of Selim the Grim?

What reforms did Suleyman the Lawgiver introduce in the Ottoman Empire?

What was the role of the Janissaries in the Ottoman Empire?

How did Suleyman contribute to the arts and culture in the Ottoman Empire?

What was the impact of Suleyman's rule on art and literature in the Ottoman Empire?

What was the brutal pattern set by Suleyman for later sultans to hold power?

What ultimately brought an end to the Ottoman Empire?


Explore the history of the Ottoman Empire and its rise to power in Islamic countries. This class agenda covers warm-up questions, learning objectives, essential questions, academic vocabulary, and homework related to the topic.

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