Ottoman Empire History Quiz: Kanun-i Esasi and Young Ottomans

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Who ascended the throne after Aziz and Murat, and promised to announce a constitution?

How many titles did the Kanun-i Esasi constitution consist of?

What agreement was signed after the Russia-Ottoman War/93 Harbi (1877-1878) and was later rejected by Western countries?

Which three new states were established after the Berlin Peace Conference?

What did the Ottoman State lose in the Balkans at the end of the Berlin Peace Conference?

Who prepared the Kanun-i Esasi constitution?

What was the main reason for the second Young Turk Congress in 1907?

What was the main purpose of the Hicaz railway mentioned in the text?

What was the ideology of Abdulhamid Era mentioned in the text?

Who started a revolt that led to the beginning of the revolution after learning about the negotiations of sharing plans between England and Russia?

What were the main achievements during Abdulhamid Era mentioned in the text?

What was the solution proposed by Prince Sabahattin at the first Young Turk Congress in 1902?

What was the main reason behind rising separatist movements in Macedonia and causing anxiety among most people in the Ottoman Empire?

Which event led to the opening of secret organizations in 1907 according to the text?

What was the main aim of Committee of Union and Progress, also known as Unionists?

What was the significance of 31st March Incident, 1909 mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge of the Young Ottomans movement and the Kanun-i Esasi constitution in the Ottoman Empire's history. This quiz covers the forced abdication of Aziz and Murat, as well as Abdulhamit II's promise to announce the constitution.

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