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What is the purpose of the Heel-to-toe Rocker Sole AFO?

To absorb impact at initial contact and encourage faster rollover

Which type of AFO has a significant rocker angle at the toe with little or no angle at the heel?

Negative Heel Rocker

What is the main function of an Anterior Shell AFO?

Corrects and supports issues around the ankle and foot

Which type of AFO has a rigid design and is more focused on ground reaction?

Posterior Shell AFO

What is a common feature of a Double Rocker AFO?

Promotes midfoot offloading

Which type of AFO increases offloading of the forefoot as more weight is shifted to the midfoot and hindfoot?

Negative Heel Rocker

Which knee joint design is specifically designed to promote full knee extension?

Ratchet Lock

Which mechanical-thermoplastic ankle stirrup and cam rod design allows free knee flexion in swing?

Horton Stance Control Orthosis

What feature distinguishes the Swing Phase Lock 2 (Fillauer) from other designs in terms of when it locks and unlocks?

Locks and unlocks based on the sagittal hip joint angle

Which design uses a mechanical block within the joint to prevent motion?

Bale Lock/Paw Lock

What distinguishes the GX Knee (Becker) design from others in terms of functionality during the stance phase?

Provides shock absorption with slight knee flexion in stance

Which design is characterized by being electromechanical?

E-Knee (Becker)

What is the purpose of the anterior shell AFO rigid design?

To control and support the ankle joint

Which condition is the posterior shell rigid AFO primarily designed to treat?

Rocker bottom deformity

What is the main function of a rocker in orthotic devices?

To assist with smooth progression through the gait cycle

When is a custom-molded KO typically used?

When a prefabricated device is not suitable

Which orthosis is specifically designed to prevent the maltracking of patella?

Patellofemoral KO

What is the main function of a hip abduction orthosis like Atlanta/Scottish-Rite?

Limits internal and external rotation of the hip joint

Which orthosis would be suitable for a patient with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease?

Perthes Brace

True or False: The bilateral HKAFO with lumbosacral orthosis attachment is very restrictive and cumbersome.


Test your knowledge about footplate data transmission, microprocessor locks, knee flexion angles, and knee orthosis design for treating various knee injuries.

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